GTA IV spared by the popularity of Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4

GTA IV managed to become the most popular multiplayer online game service Xbox Live, created for owners console from Microsoft Xbox 360. According to Microsoft, the first day after the release of more than 360 million Xbox owners have played in GTA IV on the network, which is considerably greater number of players involved in the network battles shooter Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3, the NextGen and internet monitoring software

Of the total number of users to connect to Xbox Live, more than half of play in GTA IV. Accurate numbers, however, Microsoft is not named. Representatives of the company Steve Ballmera also argue with reference to the sellers of games that sales GTA IV in release for Xbox 360 exceeds twice for the PlayStation 3 version. Representatives of Sony, at the same time refute this information and say that possess few other details. What exactly, the creators of PS3 has not yet been clarified. It should be noted that neither Microsoft, nor Sony, or who either have not been called at least approximate the results of GTA IV sales in the U.S. on the first day of release. Already aware that in Britain GTA IV managed to become the most bystroprodavaemoy game in history. Also new creation Rockstar found records of popularity at all new-generation consoles, not counting the Wii - version of GTA IV for Xbox 360 bought 335 thousand British players, but for PS3 - 274 thousand. The game received unprecedented high marks in reviews profile publications. The average estimate, according to the consolidated Metacritic ratings and Gamerankings, representing 9.9 points out of 10. In doing so after a few hours after the release, held worldwide, including in Russia, 29 April, at specialized forums have appeared numerous reports of problems with the launch of the game. And faced with problems like Xbox 360 owners, and holders of PS3. Many GTA IV "hangs" on the opening video. Creators of the game have already found a way to cope with the problem on the PS3, solutions to problems there is no Xbox 360. Note that previous Rockstar game for Xbox 360, an analogue GTA called Bully: Scholarship Edition, was also not without significant number of errors and many players complained, in particular, to the instability of the image. According to unconfirmed figures, version GTA IV for the PS3 works in a lower solving than for the Xbox 360 version. In particular, on pages Kotaku argued that the working permits GTA IV at Sony when attempting to connect to HD-TV is only 1120 x 630, while the Xbox360 - 1280 x 720.

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